The enchantment of fascinating melodies – E. Girardi, Corriere della sera -20/1/2013

Giuseppe Sarti [...] was the favourite composer of Catherine II the Great of Russia, adored by his pupil Cherubini, and considered by his colleagues as one of the most genial among his contemporaries.... Read more →

It’s fun playing with the Orchestra – by Franca Cassine – La Stampa, Turin 19.12.12

A magic concert. [...] The program includes two great classics such as the Toy Symphony by Leopold Mozart and Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev which both have had a great success. The orchestra ... Read more →

Luxury, calm and Magnificat by Sylvain Fort 24 oct. 2012 – Forumopera ****

C’est d’autant plus plaisant qu’aux qualités intrinsèques de l’orchestre, Mattia Rondelli ajoute un geste de direction ample et généreux, conforme aussi aux voix imposantes dont il dispose... Read more → am 07.11.2012 – Die Geheimnisse von Sartis Kunst- von Sieghard Krabichler

Herrliche Musik, noch dazu unbekannt und in Weltersteinspielung veröffentlicht: Bei Sony sind ein „Magnificat“ und das oppulente „Gloria“ des Italieners Giuseppe Sarti (1729-1802) mit dem Mar... Read more →

Corriere Musicale by Davide Stefani • A new recording by Mattia Rondelli

A new recording of Mattia Rondelli with Mariinskij orchestra and chorus concerns the sacral music by Giuseppe Sarti, mostly known for his operatic production which, at that time, achieved a very hih e... Read more →

MUSICA December 2012 – Sarti Magnificat and Gloria by Claudio Bolzan

...” Mariinsky Chorus and Orchestra, so far the vocal quartet brilliantly conducted by Mattia Rondelli. [...] outstanding cohesion of the ensemble, and of the energetic and vibrant conduction.... Read more →