Giuseppe Sarti – St. Petersburg, Stars of the White Nights Festival

Rediscovered some autographed manuscripts from Faenza Library, Mattia Rondelli will present at the next White Nights Festival, a Gloria and a Magnificat by Giuseppe Sarti. This concert will be the first modern performance of samples of either outstanding composing technique, with particular challenging counterpoint, and really excellent
artistry by G. Sarti. They might be showing how close and similar they could sound to Mozart geniality.
Pupil of Padre Martini and teacher of Cherubini, Sarti was invited him to Copenhagen, with the appointments of Hofkapellmeister and director of the opera. In 1779 he
was elected maestro di cappella at the cathedral of Milan, and in 1784 Sarti was invited by the empress Catherine II to St. Petersburg. On his way there he stopped at
Vienna, where Emperor Joseph II received him with marked favor, and where he made the acquaintance of Mozart. He reached St. Petersburg in 1785, and at once
took the direction of the opera, for which he composed many new pieces.
Sarti’s opera Fra i due litiganti il terzo gode has been immortalized by Mozart, who introduced an air from it into the supper scene in Don Giovanni. It should be noted
that Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro owed a great deal to the influence of this opera, which was performed in Vienna in 1784. The admirable libretto by Da Ponte,
author of the libretti of Figaro and Don Giovanni, shows similar situations, and the complicated finale of the first act served as a model to Mozart for act of Figaro. Is, therefore, that school of Italian composers in Europe in the late eighteenth century protagonists neglected by history and posterity.

After having shown the scores to M° Gergiev, the project of presenting them to the world wide famous venue of the Stars of the White Nights Festival has started. The concert will take place on June 26, with Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, choir and soloists, featuring as well Barbara Frittoli.