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Cogito ergo Musica – A question of method

We see often nowadays art being assimilated all together to entertainment and show business, especially when it comes to music and theatre. But, besides my love for music, I believe that giving art... Read more →

Libertà, salvo il vero!

The above arguments would be completely fruitless were they not to bring anything useful to the purpose of music making! Any music score hides only one truth: what is written. It see... Read more →

In search of the lost notes

When vis-à-vis with historiography, and especially the historiography of music, the scientific method comes sometimes to my mind, together with its application to Karl Popper’s historiography: if a... Read more →

What if Mozart were Italian?

If I would call Boccherini and Haydn my plugging a musicological gap, more than actual rediscoveries, a true revelation were the astonishing manuscripts and the results of my research... Read more →

Sarti and the Russian school

Although many were the Italian composers recruited at the Tsar’s court, Sarti marks a turning point in the history of Russian music. He was the mentor of many Russian composers, was... Read more →

Enlightened publishers

Recently, in the midst of this travelling through libraries, catalogues, manuscripts and researching contemporary sources, I become more and more convinced of the historical importance of certain comp... Read more →